Today, approximately 85% of new church seats are stackable. Stackable chairs create more space and have multiple uses, however, there are many advantages to installing used church pews. Church pews, and used church pews specifically, are long-lasting, durable, and comfortable with proper padding. In the end, purchasing used church furniture is one of the most cost-efficient ways to increase seating for your congregation.

  1. How cost efficient are used church pews?

Installing used church pews is a great way to incorporate a peaceful, traditional worship environment for your congregation, on a budget. The average cost of a used church pew is usually somewhere between $50 and $300 per pew. The cost may vary depending on if there is a book rack or communion cup holder, the type of padding used, and the overall condition. On the other hand, the average cost of used church chairs can get up to $100 per chair. Pews can seat eight or more adults, whereas a chair can seat one.

  1. How much should new cushions cost when refurbishing used church pews?

Many used church pews have multiple coats of finish to preserve and protect the older wood. Often, used church pews have had several different cushions and padding throughout its lifetime. When you’re refurbishing your used church pews, cushions should account for about one-third of the cost for the entire refurbishment.

  1. What are some benefits to purchasing used church pews?

Purchasing used church pews is a budget-friendly way to supply your congregation with lavish artistry and craftsmanship. Pews are traditional and sentimental because of their background and history, which translates into pews being the preferable seating choice for many churches. People like tradition and reminding one another where they have come from. Pews are flexible and can either promote connection within the congregation because people can sit closer together, or can be more spacious for those with children that do not like to stay seated for long. They have a longer lifespan compared to other used church furniture, but there are still characteristics of each that are valuable in their own way. Chairs are mobile, and pews are not, but pew ends have a lot of style and character.

Used church pews can save you and your congregation money, while providing a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere.