Just Beyond the Horizon,

As the sun began to cast its golden rays on a Thursday morning in August 2023, a trio of hearts, Jason, Shaun, and Brad, embarked on a journey that held deeper meaning than mere miles could convey. United within the cab of our All-American Ram Truck, they turned their compass Southward. Every so often, in the midst of their tireless efforts on the road, destiny gifts them a special voyage, one they lovingly coin as a “short jaunt around the corner.”

In the quaint haven of Stilwell, OK, a mere hour’s drive away, lies a treasure trove of memories – the renowned Strawberry Festival graces this land, and the cherished congregation of Salem Baptist Church. With humble hearts, our road crew placed 38 of our Style 2001 pews into the heart of the church, each a testament to the essence of American-made and the American spirit. Adorned in the warm and beautiful dark walnut stain, these pews stood as a tribute to tradition. Bound together with threads of Sherpa Maroon Fabric, we pray these seats become more than furniture; and hold stories yet to unfold. We created several matching pieces – a Traditional Pulpit style 8000, an Open Style Communion Table Style 7005, two steadfast deacons’ chairs, a duo of prayer benches, and two bold and sturdy flower stands, all crafted with meticulous care from Solid Red Oak.

The family at Born Again Pews humbly extends its gratitude, gratitude deeper than words, to the remarkable people at Salem Baptist Church. In choosing us as stewards of your sacred space, you’ve bestowed upon us a privilege beyond measure. With hands clasped in reverence, we offer our prayers that these pews we’ve nurtured will cradle your souls in tranquility, wrap you in comfort, and provide boundless joy for generations to come. Once more, we raise our voices in heartfelt gratitude and send forth a chorus of blessings upon you. May your path be forever blessed.

  • The Born Again Pews Family