The Team and the Recovered Fumble

As we bid farewell to the scorching days of August 2023, our workshop resembled a baking oven in the midst of relentless 100-degree heat waves. Nevertheless, we take pride in announcing the successful completion of yet another awe-inspiring Church Transformation project, this time for the Cherokee First United Methodist Church in Cherokee, Oklahoma. Cherokee stands as the largest city in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma, and proudly serves as its county seat.

The congregation of Cherokee First United Methodist Church embarked on a transformative journey of their own, leading them to the creation of a brand-new church space. You can catch a glimpse of this remarkable endeavor by visiting their Facebook page by clicking here.

With our truck and trailer fully loaded, our Traveling Trio—comprising Jason, Shaun, and Brad—journeyed to Cherokee First United Methodist Church. There, they meticulously and masterfully assembled and installed 36 of our exquisite style #4001 pews, varying in lengths of 10 and 14 feet. These pews were elegantly stained in a rich Red Mahogany finish and luxuriously upholstered with top-quality Shire Espresso fabric. To enhance functionality, we added standard book racks. A heartfelt commendation is due to the talented individual or team at First United Methodist who designed the church interior, as the dark opulence of our pews perfectly complemented the church’s color scheme, resulting in a truly stunning ensemble.

Now, onto a little secret—the Fumble. Shhh, keep it hush-hush. Halfway through the assembly process, our intrepid road crew discovered that they were missing a few crucial components: precisely six supports and four under-seat book racks. However, our unwavering commitment to customer service prevailed. Enter our valiant crew member, Casey, who embarked on an arduous eight-hour round trip to deliver the missing parts. Kudos to the team; their dedication saved the day!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the entire congregation of Cherokee First United Methodist Church. Our fervent hope is that our pews will bring you lasting comfort and solace in the years ahead, as you witness lives transformed and souls touched in the name of Christ and His kingdom. Thank you immensely for entrusting us with the responsibility of providing your church with pews. May you all be eternally blessed.

  • The Born Again Pews Family

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and the Journey continues……