Here we find ourselves in the midst of mid-October, basking in the pleasant temperatures of the season while diligently contributing to the construction of God’s kingdom, one church pew at a time. It’s a true blessing to collaborate with the warm-hearted and devout individuals at Fox Assembly of God, situated in one of the most picturesque corners of the state. Fox, Arkansas, is renowned for its rugged, hilly terrain and dense woodlands, a well-kept secret with just around 300 residents. Personally, I hold a deep fondness for the countryside, and Fox unquestionably embodies its charm.

Once again, our dedicated team embarked on a mission to install 26 of our elegant end-style number 3001 solid oak pews. These pews boast a lavish upholstery in Sherpa Grey Heather fabric, complemented by ends stained in the exquisite Jacobean hue. Each comes equipped with standard bookracks and sturdy oak cap rails, ensuring both form and function are seamlessly integrated. Additionally, we crafted custom-made Altar Benches, each measuring six feet and designed to harmonize with the existing aesthetic. Alongside these, we provided six versatile solid oak stage chairs, an exquisite Style 8030 Pulpit, a Style 7005 Communion Table, and a meticulously crafted solid oak Attendance Board.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful community at Fox Assembly of God for entrusting us as your provider of church furniture. Every project we undertake is a labor of love for all of us here at Born Again Pews. Once again, thank you, and may you and your congregation continue to be blessed by the boundless grace of our Lord God.

  • The Born Again Team



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