The onset of 2024 has brought a series of significant events for Born Again Pews, marked by challenging weather conditions such as extreme cold, snow, and ice, which posed obstacles to our progress. Undeterred by these challenges, we drew strength from our unwavering faith in God. Despite the adversities, our dedicated road crew pressed on, loading up and making their way to Blanchard, Oklahoma, specifically to the Trinity Holiness Church.

A quick insight: Blanchard is renowned for its golf courses, notably Winter Creek, a championship eighteen-hole course acclaimed statewide for its fourteen stunning lakes.

Upon reaching the Trinity Holiness Church, our skilled team, comprised of Brad, Jason, and Roger, embarked on the installation of 32 pews in our esteemed Signature style 4003. These pews, varying in lengths from 10 to 12 feet, were meticulously crafted and adorned with our premium Shire Fossil Fabric, ensuring longevity. The solid oak, stained in a rich Dark Walnut finish, added a touch of elegance. The outcome, evident in the accompanying photos, stands as a breathtaking and exquisite enhancement to the church’s beautiful interior. Kudos on your decorating skills, that carpet is stunning!

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the remarkable and exceedingly friendly individuals at Trinity Holiness Church. Collaborating with you on this project was truly a pleasure, and we sincerely pray that our pews will bring enduring joy and comfort to your congregation and community. May God abundantly bless you.

  • The Born Again Pews Team




2024, I will rejoice in all things… Join me.