We just got back from Lakeland FL. It was a great time. Met some really nice people and boy did they ever feed us. Their new church pews really went with the decor of the building.  My wife and in laws went with us and we were able to enjoy a short vacation. Of course this is the same time that Tropical Depression Debbie showed up. We were able to go to Sea World, Disney World and stopped off at Pensacola Beach. It was nice to finally get a short break. As Independence day rolls around be sure to remember that our forefathers fought for our ability to worship God. Happy 4th of July.
Here is a copy of an email we recieved from the church on 7/14/2012
Church By Faith Ministries ,Plant City , FL
Praise God for Born Again Pews and the ministry work of dressing the House of God. When the fullness of time had come the work was completed,(All church pews,pulpit furniture and chairs were in place.) God’s Glory fill the House.
Thanks, Born Again Pews,Trish, Rex and his family,
Prayerfully submitted;
By Faith Ministries Bishop E. Ellis, Pastor