Born Again Pews has just completed a church pew installation in Munger, Michigan.

Munger is a small town outside of Bay City, Michigan. It’s considered an unincorporated community, as are its near neighbors Crump and Duel. Munger is special, though, since it is the home of the Munger Potato Festival.

For nearly 60 years the Munger Potato Festival has brought events ranging from demolition derbies to petting zoos to Munger. Potato fans from all over come to experience the parade and the King and Queen competitions, and to enjoy the delicious spuds.

The rest of the year, Munger works and worships like the rest of us, and they were ready for some beautiful new pews.

We’re almost as excited as the good people of the church, some of whom you can see below.
church members in new pews

The sanctuary has a center aisle, and the pews hold hymnals for the congregation. Here you can see a good view of the sanctuary.
Munger, Michigan church pews

The church chose cantilever pew ends for their pews. This gives a more open look and can make a smaller space feel larger. These pews also have a cross carved into the pew ends.
sanctuary view

The classic geometric style works well with the architecture of the church and the fabric tones beautifully with the carpet.

Suiting your pews to your church is always a priority for Born Again pews.
pew ends

Born Again Pews is a custom pew manufacturing company in Oklahoma. We love building beautiful pews and then loading them up into our truck (you can see it parked outside the church in the photo at the top of this post) and delivering them all over the country.

Then we install the pews so the church has a solid start with their new pews. It’s very satisfying work, and we really enjoy getting to see so many different parts of our beautiful country, and getting to meet so many wonderful people!