When churches upgrade their church pews, they often like to match carpet colors and the color of the fabric on the church pews. With our wide selection of colors, it’s usually possible, like in this church in Flint, Michigan where we matched the color of the church pew seats to the dark blue carpet. Matching these colors gives a cohesive look.

Pulpit for Flint, Michigan

One technique to use when you’re selecting your church pews is to make sure that everything goes well together. In this church, the church pews, custom pulpit, and communion table all match in style and color. You’ll also notice that the decor across the whole church matches with a theme of crosses, displayed on the pulpit, the pews, and the wall decorations. The image of three crosses is also repeated to highlight the stories in the Bible of Christ crucified with two robbers.

Using these sorts of touches in your church when you’re choosing your new church furniture will help give it a complete, harmonious look that allows your parishioners to focus fully on the word.

Church pews for Flint, MichiganBut the repetition doesn’t end there either. While the church pews and colors match on the interior, they also match features from the exterior of the church too. In this photo you’ll notice stained glass windows with touches of blue and teal. You’ll also notice the trim around the windows and the baseboard use the same color stain as the new church furniture. By matching the blue of the church pews and carpet to the blue and teal in the windows and the wood stains, we bring together the whole church into one cohesive whole, from inside to outside.

When you’re looking at ways to make your church look beautiful, look at features of your church that will remain even if you take out all your furniture and decor items you have now. Things like the shape of the building, the windows, and the color of the wood trim, will help give you ideas on how to match your church pews and other church furniture to your building to make it look picture perfect.