Have you ever wondered what happens to used church pews once they have been replaced with new ones? Depending on their condition and the quantity available, some pews are sold to other churches or organizations to continue providing seating for church patrons. But what about pews that are not sold and reused in churches? Here are 15 things you can do with an old church bench or two!  

  • Entryway Seating

A used church bench is a simple, and great way to add seating to your entry way. Provide a seat for you and your guest to easily remove and put on your shoes without having to worry about dragging mud and water throughout your home.

  • Rustic Bench

With a little bit of touching up and added details you will have yourself a unique, rustic-looking bench that is perfect for either indoor or outdoor seating.

  • Dining Room Seating

Benches are a great way to add additional seating to your dining room table, without having a variety of mismatched chairs, at varying heights. Not to mention, a bench is a great way to seat a handful of restless kids during meal time.

  • Decorative, Multi-Purpose Seating

When you take advantage of the open space beneath the bench, you have room for extra storage. Not only will your bench serve as a decorative place to sit, it also provides room for necessary storage.

  • Wedding Seats

Used church benches can serve as the perfect solution for seating at an outdoor wedding. When benches are used, you can create a classic chapel feeling without actually getting married in a chapel.

  • Window Seat

Short benches placed in front of windows make the perfect window seats. Enjoy spending time in front of the natural light with a bench that allows you to spread out and relax.

  • Bedroom Bench

Another good use for a short bench, is to place it at the foot of the bed. This provides you with a place to sit as you are getting ready for your day, or for bed.

  • Corner Bench

With a little bit of handiwork, a saw, and some glue, you can easily turn an old bench into the perfect corner piece of furniture that is optimal for both inside and outside use.

  • Mudroom Seating

Placing a used bench in your mudroom makes putting on or taking off your muddy shoes an easy task.

  • Bench Swing

Another simple DIY project can take a simple, old church bench and turn in into a beautiful bench swing. Simply remove the legs of the bench, and attach a few lengths of chain to the arms, and backing of the bench. Hang the bench using the chains and you will have your own swing for your porch or backyard.

  • Loft Seating

Long pews are perfect for creating practical storage solutions in loft areas. Whether you are entertaining, viewing a movie, or playing games, bench seating will come in handy.

  • Breakfast Nook

Another simple DIY project to complete at home. Simply remove the arms off of a couple of short benches, and you can easily create your own breakfast nook fit for two

  • Corridor Seating

Long, wide corridors can be easily accented with a few simple church benches. These benches will help to accent the size of the corridor and create a beautiful frame for doorways.

  • Theater Seating

Used church pews can easily be used to create outdoor amphitheater seating, or indoor theater seating. Due to their ability to seat multiple people, benches make viewing movies with friends a breeze!

  • Storage Chest

A final DIY project that has beautiful results! Start by adding storage underneath the bench by adding a couple pieces of wood to enclose the space below the bench. Add hinges to the seat, and you have a beautiful, hinged storage chest.