Displayed on the sign outside Homeward Bound Church are symbols that intricately depict the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These markings symbolize Jesus’ earthly arrival, crucifixion on the cross, resurrection in the tomb, ascension back to heaven, the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the earth, and the eagerly awaited second coming—a foundational truth in the Christian faith.

Allow us to introduce you to Homeward Bound Church, situated in the quaint community of Salina, Oklahoma, nestled in the heart of America. Salina, home to the Wildcats, boasts a modest population of approximately 1300 residents. Now, let’s delve into their remarkable journey.

Facing a devastating fire, the church, guided by faith in God, not only rebuilt but also continued its unwavering service to the community and congregation. Born Again Pews considers it a blessing to have been given the chance to contribute by providing new pews for their church. We meticulously crafted and installed 16 of our end style 1001 pews, each spanning 10 feet, fully upholstered in Shire Horizon fabric, and equipped with bookracks. This project was a labor of love for us, and due to the proximity of their location, our entire team had the privilege of participating in the installation.

A heartfelt thank you goes to Pastor Audie and his father Tim, who stood alongside us during the assembly and installation of their new pews. It was not only a joyous occasion for us to interact with them but also an exciting experience for our entire crew to conduct an installation on the road. In the accompanying photos, you can witness the presence of nearly every member of the Born Again Pews team, including Rex, Joy, Tiffany, Brandy, Stanley, Brad, Jason, Charlie, Roger, and myself, Doug.

We express our gratitude once again for entrusting us with the opportunity to assist your church. Our sincere prayer is that these pews provide your congregation with years of comfort and utility. May God shower blessings upon both your congregation and community.

The Born Again Team…



Ecclesiastes 4:9-12