Just a few days before Christmas 2023, our resilient team embarked on a challenging journey to Parsons, West Virginia. Despite the weather forecast predicting heavy snowfall along our route, we decided to proceed, hoping for a smooth journey. Thankfully, through prayer, divine intervention played a part, as the anticipated large storm turned out to be much less severe than expected. Our team safely reached the charming town of Parsons and proceeded to the delightful Sycamore Grove Church.

Our road crew faced a difficult situation as one of their members, Casey, had gradually fallen ill during the journey, and by the time of arrival, he was about as ill as a man can be. Shaun stepped in admirably, managing the situation effectively. To Casey’s credit, he still managed to make a good contribution. With the grace of the Almighty and unwavering determination, they persevered and successfully installed 20 of our end-style 4001 pews adorned with cross engravings, standard bookracks, and upholstered in the exquisite Sherpa Autumn fabric. To enhance the aesthetics, we applied a beautiful cherry stain and lacquer gloss finish, ensuring long-lasting results. Additionally, we included a stunning 9055 communion table to complement the pews.

Despite the challenges faced by our team, they achieved their objective and returned home safely. We express our gratitude to God for His blessings and extend a heartfelt thank you to the wonderful individuals at Sycamore Grove Church for choosing us as their church furniture builder. Our prayers are with your community and congregation, hoping that these pews bring many years of use and blessings.

  • Born Again Pews Team


Have a blessed day!!