A valued long-term client who purchased pews from us in 2019 recently reached out once more, expressing interest in acquiring additional pews due to the expansion of their Sanctuary. We were delighted to assist them. In February, our dedicated installation team revisited Faith Baptist Church in Franklin, Ohio, where they seamlessly integrated 19 more of our end-style number 4003 pews, ranging from 7 to 15 feet in length.

Over time, we’ve refined certain aspects of our pew designs. In this case, we maintained consistency with the book racks, using the same standard style from 2019 and finishing them in Colonial White with English Chestnut Stain Accents. Each pew was upholstered in high-quality Sherpa Brown Haze Fabric.

Returning to a previous client was a gratifying experience, allowing us to witness firsthand how well our pews endure. As evidenced by the attached photos, the five-year-old pews blend seamlessly with the new ones. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the congregation for choosing us as their pew provider. It was truly a pleasure collaborating with you. May your church and community be abundantly blessed.



John 3:16