March of 2024 finds our shop bustling with activity as we diligently strive to meet the high demand, contributing to the expansion of God’s Kingdom, one pew and one church at a time. The weather is mild, setting the perfect backdrop as our road crew embarks on a journey to Cookeville, TN. This vibrant town, home to the Cookeville High School Cavaliers, boasts stunning parks, notably the breathtaking locale known as The Falls, where the magnificence of God’s creation is on full display.

We were deeply honored when Pilgrim Baptist Church entrusted us with crafting their furniture. For them, we meticulously fashioned 14 of our renowned signature series 3003 pews, spanning from 5 to 8 feet in length and adorned in Black Marble fabric, complete with standard bookracks. Additionally, we crafted a bespoke pulpit with a gracefully curved front, harmonizing seamlessly with the curvature of their stage. The entire ensemble was finished in an exquisite colonial white hue, accented with sleek black details. We invite you to peruse the accompanying photos to witness the stunning outcome of this color palette.


We extend heartfelt gratitude to the leadership and congregation of Pilgrim Baptist Church for the privilege of collaborating on their sacred project. It is our earnest prayer that these pews will serve as a source of blessings within their community for generations to come. May abundant blessings continue to grace their church abundantly. For further insights, we encourage you to explore their pastor’s reflections on our work via the following link: Pilgrim Baptist Church Pastor’s Blog

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Pilgrim Baptist Church Pastor’s Blog

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