Welcome to the Brown Chapel Church of Christ, nestled in the charming town of Washington, Arkansas—a place rich in history as the birthplace of the Bowie Knife and home to the renowned Historic Washington State Park. Immerse yourself in the past by staying at the Jailhouse B&B, embarking on guided tours, and savoring Southern home-cooked delights at Williams Tavern. Explore further to discover the Blacksmith Shop, Weapons Museum, Print Museum, and more, comprising the largest collection of 19th-century buildings in the state.

For an enriching experience, we recommend a visit to the Brown Chapel Church of Christ. Our dedicated team, led by road warriors Brad and Jason, passionately undertook the project, crafting and installing 22 of our signature end-style 5002 pews. Adorned with elegant scroll caps, each pew features integrated, functional standard bookracks with communion cups and 3×5 index card holders. The solid red oak pews received a timeless English Chestnut finish and a durable gloss clearcoat, ensuring decades of wear. Our upholstery team added the final touch with top-quality Sherpa Newport fabric, creating a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere.

A heartfelt thank you extends to the wonderful individuals we had the pleasure of working with to bring this project to fruition. We sincerely hope our meticulously crafted pews serve as a blessing, providing your congregation with years of comfort, solace, and peace. It has been an honor to serve your community. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • The Born Again Pews Family