As mid-November unfolded, Casey, a valued member of our past road crew, eagerly yearned to hit the open highway once again. With enthusiasm in tow, Casey and Jason embarked on a journey to Andalusia, Alabama, where the Church of the Living God awaited.

Nestled in Covington County, Andalusia is not just home to the Bulldogs but also to the warm-hearted individuals at The Church of the Living God. Jason and Casey wasted no time, immersing themselves in the task of assembling and installing 26 of our distinctive solid oak 4001 End Style pews, complete with standard bookracks. These pews were meticulously finished in a stunning natural wood with a high-gloss finish, ensuring durability for years to come.

Our upholstery team skillfully adorned the pews with the finest Shire Country fabric, covering high-density 3.5” Poly seats featuring a waterfall front and 2” Back Poly with natural lumbar support. The result, as evident in these accompanying photos, is nothing short of stunning.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful folks at the Church of the Living God for entrusting us with the task of being their church pew builder. Our primary goal is to offer top-notch products and services at affordable prices, particularly tailored for small to medium-sized churches that contribute grace and blessings to communities across the United States. May these pews become a source of enduring beauty and functionality for your church, congregation, and community, fostering lasting memories and uniting people for the greater purpose of the Lord. Blessings to you, and thank you for choosing us.

  • The Born Again Pews Team


“Good morning, praying all is well, and you all had a safe trip home. I want to convey to you both (coming from the pastor, whole congregation and myself) we are so very proud and truly thankful to you for the highly professional job you did installing our beautiful pews. Again, thank you, and may Gods Richest Blessings be upon you and your families.”

–  Sincerely, Wanda Wytch

The End…