As we enter the third week of November, the atmosphere is gentle, and the weather is serene. We feel a sense of divine blessings surrounding us, and it brings us immense joy to contribute to the construction of the Kingdom of God. Our dedicated road crew, consisting of Brad, Jason, and Hunter, embarked on a journey to Dyersburg, Tennessee, where the awaited Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church stood.

Upon reaching the destination, they diligently worked on assembling and installing 33 of our distinguished End Style 2005 pews. These pews were adorned in a splendid Colonial Maple stain and were exquisitely upholstered in Shire Cordon Blue. Ranging in sizes from 10 to 12 feet in length, each pew was equipped with Bookracks, Card Pockets, and Communion Cup Holders. To complement the seating arrangement, we introduced a stunning Style 9500 Pulpit, bathed in our Colonial White with a Colonial Maple stain, creating a harmonious and elegant ensemble.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful individuals at Tabernacle Baptist Church for entrusting us with the honor and privilege of crafting their pews and Pulpit. Our sincere prayer is that your congregation and community will be blessed with many years of fruitful use.

  • The Team at Born Again Pews



I personally want to say a special thank you to Jewell Bond for your phone call and kind words – Doug.

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