In mid-December, we embarked on an ambitious project, deploying installation teams in two separate directions. The outcome? The successful installation of two churches and a chapel. Shaun and Casey took the southern route, reaching their destination, Faith Tabernacle Holiness Church in McAlester, Oklahoma.

The task at hand was significant – installing 20 of our elegant style 4003 fully upholstered pews, each spanning an impressive 11 feet in length. Clad in Shire Country Fabric and adorned with exquisite Colonial White finishes, complemented by Fruit Wood Stain accents, the result was nothing short of remarkable.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful individuals at Faith Tabernacle Holiness Church for choosing us as their preferred provider of church pews. Collaborating with fellow Christian brothers and sisters is always a joy, and we sincerely hope that your church experiences years of delightful use and blessings from our finely crafted furniture. Our prayers are with you for the ongoing expansion of the Kingdom of God through your ministry.

– The Team at Born Again Pews


May God Bless You All…