Church Furniture Pulpits

Pulpit Furniture: As the centerpiece for your congregation, Born Again Pews understands pulpit furniture is an important part of the worship experience. We offer various pulpit designs that positively influence the atmosphere for your congregation.6
Born Again Pews has created solid oak custom pulpits and pulpit furniture for churches nationwide. Choosing a special design to complement your existing furniture, the architecture of your sanctuary, or your congregation’s traditions can make a very special statement. With each piece we craft we take special care to make sure everything is constructed to 100% satisfaction, so that it will last a lifetime. In addition to our expertly crafted pulpits we also craft custom solid oak tables, chairs, modesty panels and more. Everything can be made to match the rest of your sanctuary creating a seamless look from one room to the next and within each room. Born Again Pews can work with you to make your ideas into a meaningful expression of your church’s character.

Pulpit #8000 & Table #7005

Pulpit #9020 & Table #8015

Pulpit #8030

Pulpit #8070

Pulpit #8050 & Table #9070

Pulpit #8040

Pulpit #9040

Pulpit #8050

Pulpit #9500

Pulpit #9200

Click on the pictures above to see some of the custom designs our master craftsmen have built to suit the specific needs of various churches. Please also check out our catalog and gallery! Call us at 877-739-7453 or 877-739-7453-toll free to discuss the specifics of your project or contact us online here.