Pew End Options for Custom Church Pews

Born Again Pews are handcrafted from solid oak wood which creates a rich and healthy atmosphere. Once you have established the design of your pews, you can start considering the church pew ends. The church pew ends set the style of your church: contemporary or traditional, elegant or friendly, simple or stylish. We use your ideas to guide our design process — tell us the story of your church, and we will work with you to create pew ends that emphasize that message. 

Customization Options for Pew Ends

There are several customization options for you to consider for your pew ends. First, determine the type of church pew ends you want. Choose from the church pew ends that meet the floor (our F series styles) or cantilevered styles (our C series), which remain suspended in the air. You can also select your preferred finish. Customize your pews with rich stain finishes or colonial white. Each look brings with it a distinctive feel to the pew and helps set the mood.

We can also incorporate special details into the pew ends. Our pew ends feature many special features, from tracery to waterfall caps, so that your church will be able to find the design that best expresses your church’s character. To see what the completed church pew ends will look like in your church, please see our Church Pew Installation Photo Gallery.

Born Again Pews will also be happy to discuss custom styles and finishes. Call our Furniture Consultants to discuss your needs. 

Cantilever Ends

Cantilever Ends: Our church pews with cantilever ends are built from solid red oak and provide a contemporary style for your congregation. Cantilever ends are set apart from other pew styles because they offer a modern and contemporary style of worship. If you think cantilever pew ends would work with your church’s design, consider adding features to them. Cantilever pew ends can be accessorized with kneelers or book racks that accommodate a variety of congregations.

Open-end, comfortable church pews

Pew #1001

Simple wooden church pew end from Born Again Pews

Pew #2001

Church pews designed and manufactured by Born Again Pews

Pew #2002

Pew #2004

Wooden church pews with grey upholstery

Pew #3001

Wooden church pew end from Born Again Pews

Pew #3003

Light wood church pew ends

 Pew #4003

Dark wood engraved church pew ends

Pew #5005

Full Ends

Full Ends: Full end church pews are an everlasting traditional pew style. Full-end pews feature a comfortable and artistic design that creates a warm and welcoming worship space. This is a classic pew style that remains one of the most popular pew ends offered at Born Again Pews. You can adjust the end’s design to accommodate your congregation in different ways. Raise or lower the armrests for your community’s convenience and consider carving inspirational images onto the ends’ surfaces

Pew #2003

Church pew end made of wood from Born Again Pews

Pew #2005

Wooden church pews in a row

Pew #3002

Pew #4001

Wooden church pew end engraved with a cross

Pew #4002

Wooden church pew end designed by Born Again Pews

Pew #5002

Colonial White

Colonial White: The colonial white pew style is a pew that incorporates beauty and durability. This colonial style of pew has a robust base and a scuff-resistant coat to protect the finish. You can even create a soft or traditional look with rounded or square armrests.

Wooden church pew end painted white

Pew #CW3002

Custom made wooden pew ends

Pew #CW3003

White church pew end

Pew #CW4003

White church pew ends from Born Again Pews

Pew #CW4002

Church pew end engraved with a cross

Pew #CW5002

Wide custom-made white church pew ends

Pew #CW5005

Quality Craftsmanship

As a custom church pew manufacturer, Born Again Pews handcrafts our pews and pew ends from solid oak. We have also designed our pews with comfortable padding, so your community will feel excited to return for the next service. Our manufacturing team delivers and installs your pews to ensure they are set up correctly. We are so confident in the quality of our furniture that we offer a lifetime warranty. 

After you have purchased our pews, you’ll see how strong and durable they are. After years of use, reach out to us for refurbishing services, too. Because our company built the pews, we know how to clean and polish them right. Once our work is done, your pews will look brand new again.


  • Thick solid red oak ends and supports
  • Solid oak bookracks included in price
  • Upholstered backside is standard
  • Limited lifetime structural warranty
  • Solid oak rim and cap rails are standard

We Can Make Matching Furniture

Every church has its own unique atmosphere, created partly by the people who congregate there and partly by the style of your furniture and arrangements. Oakwood creates a warm and healthy atmosphere, which is welcoming to everyone who enters the church. 

In addition to our pew ends, we are glad to offer a wide variety of solid oak pulpit furniture ranging from tables to chairs. They are all handcrafted and can create a cohesive and refined feel throughout your entire church. 

Once you have ordered your pews, consider browsing our high-quality tables, chairs, and pulpits. These items are customizable to match your pews and can enhance your church’s design. We also offer additional pieces such as flower stands and kneelers.

Contact Born Again Pews to Learn More About Custom Church Pew Ends

At Born Again Pews, we are happy to discuss custom styles and finishes. We offer several customization options so that your pews are unique to your church and congregation. In addition to customizing pews for your church, our company offers a lifetime warranty when you purchase our pew ends for sale.

With high-quality craftsmanship and nationwide shipping, we provide all the services you need to complete your church. Call one of our Furniture Consultants at 1-888-993-3539 to discuss your church furniture needs. 

Please also check out our catalog and gallery! You’ll find many examples of our work and the customization options we offer for high-quality furniture.