Pew Ends

Born Again Pews are hand-crafted from solid oak wood which creates a rich and healthy atmosphere. The church pew ends set the style of your church: contemporary or traditional, elegant or friendly, simple or stylish. Choose from the church pew ends that meet the floor (our F series styles) or cantilevered styles (our C series), with rich stain finishes or in Colonial white. Each look brings with it a distinctive feel to the pew and helps set the mood. Our pew ends feature many special features, from tracery to waterfall caps, so that your church will be able to find the design that best expresses your church’s character.

Every church has its own unique atmosphere, created partly by the people who congregate there and partly by the style of your furniture and arrangements. Oak wood creates a warm and healthy atmosphere which is welcoming to everyone who enters the church. In addition to our pew ends we our glad to offer a wide variety of solid oak pulpit furniture ranging from tables to chairs. Again, they are all handcrafted and can create a cohesive and refined feel throughout your entire church. To see what the completed church pew ends will look like in your church, please see our Church Pew Installation Photo Gallery.

Click on the pictures below to see larger views.

Born Again Pews will also be happy to discuss custom styles and finishes. Call our Furniture Consultants to discuss your needs. Please also check out our catalog and gallery!

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