New Church Pews

If you are renovating your church or need to furnish a new church, Born Again Pews can help. Our family-owned company offers beautifully crafted pews at an affordable price for your congregation. Whether your church has a unique interior design you must consider or you want upholstered pews for comfort, count on our team for new church pews.

We work with you to create furniture that enhances your church’s design. Our church pews are crafted and installed by the same crew, so you can rest assured that your furniture will arrive appropriately.

Church Pews Built for Comfort and Longevity

During church services, it can be hard on older individuals’ backs to sit in hardwood pews. Our high-quality padded church pews eliminate that discomfort. We build very comfortable padded church pews, with a contoured seat cushion that is a standard 3 ½” thick, and a backrest cushion that is a standard 2” thick with built-in lumbar support.

We use ¾” thick, high-quality plywood under the padding — that’s more than most people use on the floors of their homes. You will never find particle board in our wood church pews. Our trim, handrails, caps and moldings are solid red oak. When you combine this with the recommended commercial grade olefin fabrics, you can see why we back our oak church pews with the best warranty in the industry.

Our church pews are built to last. Our highly skilled craftsmen use solid oak panel construction in our oak ends and supports. The wood grains are offset when the two panels of solid wood are joined together, helping to eliminate the splitting that often comes from butcher-block construction.

Overview of white church pews with cushioned seating
5 step process to designing a church pew

Customization Options for Church Pews

Born Again Pews builds new church pews out of solid oak, to your specifications, with a wide choice of fabrics, finishes, and pew end styles. Your church can order the pew style that best suits your sanctuary and your congregation at an affordable price. We manufacture church pew ends in a variety of shapes, and use nothing but the best finishes and lumber on the market. The New church pews can have any of several selections of upholstery styles and colors.

Completely Custom Church Pews

We offer a range of customization options that make your pews unique to your church and congregation. The custom process is especially beneficial if you’re searching for a specific design, such as white colonial-style pews.

If you prefer the white colonial style, we can accent the crown and base with any finished wood you wish. The colonial-style new church pew will bring an elegance to your sanctuary at an affordable price.

At Born Again Pews, we want to help you complete your church and make your congregation proud of the sanctuary. Whatever your specifications, we will work with you to design quality pews. Since we deliver and install new church pews nationwide, you can feel confident that your custom pews will work just right in your sanctuary.

Choose From Our Pre-Designed Pew Ends and Finishing Touches

Once you have considered your pews’ design, it’s time to pick the perfect pew ends. The ends enhance the style of your pews, whether your church is modern or traditional. At Born Again Pews, you have a choice between pew ends that meet the floor or ends with a cantilevered style. Our pew ends come in several rich wood stains and unique features. Browse our pew end design options and choose the best details for your church’s style.

Our Fabric and Finish Options

When it comes to customizing your new church pews, you can choose from a wide range of fabrics and finishes, detailed in our catalog. Our Sherpa and Shire fabrics are 100% polyolefin, which is the preferred fabric for heavily used furniture. Because of its durability, you can get more time and comfort out of our pews. The polyolefin fabric comes in over 60 colors to accommodate your church’s personality.

Our Interweave fabric is another option for your pews. We offer over 50 vibrant colors, and some of the swatches are a combination of colors that can give your pews a unique look. With so many choices, you can create the vision you have in mind for your church — make it an inviting sanctuary for the congregation and community.

Born Again Pews fabric options

 Fabric swatch PDFs:

Sherpa and Shire and Interweave

Wooden finish options for church furniture

We Install Church Pews Across the United States

Born Again Pews is proud to service congregations throughout the United States. Our hard work and fine craftsmanship bring quality seating to those in your congregation, no matter where you are located. With several customization options and supportive cushioning, we can work together to create pews that complement your church and accommodate the people within it.

We’ll create, deliver and install new church pews at your convenience. Our church pews last so long that we even offer refurbishing services to make them look like new again after years of use. If you need pews for your church or have any questions, be sure to contact us online. Or, feel free to call us toll-free at 1-888-993-3539.

It’s Easy to Get Started — Contact Us for a Free Quote

With affordable prices, high-quality craftsmanship, nationwide shipping and pew installation services, it’s easy to see why Born Again Pews is the right choice for your church. We will work to provide you with furniture that keeps your congregation eager for the next service. You’ll also receive a lifetime warranty with your new church pew purchase.

We’ll create just the right pews for you. You can see a few of the options here, but there are many more choices available! Download our catalog, call 1-888-993-3539 to speak with our Church Furniture Consultant, or request a proposal online. We look forward to working with you to create a wonderful worship space for your congregation.